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“A couple of months ago I created my own production company, EL REFUGIO PRODUCCIONES SL, with the intention to produce and perform different projects with a personal and distinctive look. At that moment, I am concentrated on the development and financing plan of my film AIR, but I hope that in the future we could host other projects. Sandra García is collaborating, as Director of Production at EL REFUGIO, in the preparation of the dossier of my next feature film. Her contributions are being very valuable, contributing to the good progress of the production company and the future of the project. “

Ricardo Íscar – 2017

“Sandra Garcia has been collaborating in the entire creative process  of the film “The Substance” as co-scriptwriter, atrezzo assistant and additional camera. I would like to emphasize his responsible, flexible and, above all, creative attitude in all the phases of the project, bringing ideas and opening new perspectives that allowed us to bring the documentary to fruition. Without his collaboration, highlighting the enormous importance of the images recorded at a key moment in the shooting, the film did not It would be the one that is finally. For this reason, I take this opportunity to thank you for having accompanied us in this adventure and we hope to collaborate on future projects. “

Lluís Galter – 2016

“Sandra has been helping me in the production tasks,  such as submitting documentation to the Government grants, subtitling, answering calls, among others. She’s as fast as Buster Keaton! ”
Carlos Benpar –

“Sandra has collaborated in several tasks with Araki Films, such as the preparation of documents to submit to the ministry’s grant, the control of the Festivals calendar, such as the artistic dossier submitted to the Eurimages jury,  the update of the web, etc. In this way, she has been helping me in the entire production process of the documentary feature film Penélope. “

Eva Vila —